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Smartphone 2010: What Your Future Phone Will Be Packing

Over the next two years, a new generation of mobile processors and faster mobile networks will combine to put the power of a PC onto the smartphone in your pocket.

What can we expect from our smartphones two years from now? That's a pretty short amount of time, but a number of technologies that have been in development for years are about to jump from lab to factory, and straight into the next generation of mobile devices. Rather than explore the what-if's and could-be's of future smartphones, let's take a reality-based look at what's coming around the bend.  

Top Features Of Next-Gen Smartphones


  • Access To Faster Mobile Networks
  • Always-On Internet Connectivity
  • More-Powerful Processors
  • Location-Driven Apps
  • Greater Memory Capacity, Options
  • User-Targeted Handsets

The smartphones of 2010 are not going to be leaps and bounds better than they are today, but they will be closer to becoming the single most important devices we own. "There are three key trends that will cause a fundamental change in the role and nature of smartphones over the next few years: broadband everywhere, digitization of all content, and pocket computing power," said Juergen Stark, corporate VP and general manager of Motorola (NYSE: MOT)'s Mobile Devices.  

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